Deschutes Brewery Debuts Two Beers with Patagonia Provisions

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions' two new Kernza brews.
Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions' two new Kernza brews.

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions have teamed up to launch two new certified organic beers brewed with Kernza® perennial grain: Kernza Lager and Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew. Both will be available nationwide starting September 1, the brewery states.

The Kernza Golden Brew will be the first certified organic non-alcoholic craft beer brewed in the U.S. Together, Deschutes Brewery states that with the help from Patagonia, they aim to increase the number of certified organic beer produced in the U.S. This would also in turn lower ingredient costs.

Deschutes x Patagonia Provisions: Kernza Lager

Coming in at 4.7%ABV, Kernza Lager boasts hints of light floral and lemon, complemented by Kernza’s subtle earthy herbal character, according to the brewery. Available in a 6-pack of 12oz. cans.

Deschutes x Patagonia Provisions: Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew

This brew is crafted entirely in-house at Deschutes through a partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies (SBT) and utilizes the company’s patented BrewVo® technology in combination with Deschutes’ brewing methods, the brewery states. Also available in a 6-pack of 12oz. cans.

“As brewers, we turn barley, Kernza, and hops into tasty drinks that bring people together,” said Peter Skrbek, CEO of Deschutes Brewery, in a news release. “By working with farmers to eliminate chemicals, conserve water and improve soil health, we can make a big impact. We’re excited to partner with Patagonia Provisions, who share our vision for better farming and great beer for every lifestyle. Together, we aim to revolutionize the beer supply chain and promote regenerative organic farming.”



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