DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Cold Brew
DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Cold Brew

After years of development and testing, DAVIDsTEA just debuted Sparkling Cold Brew Tea. These canned iced teas are steeped in cold water, low in calories, vegan and available in three flavors, the company states.

Based on DAVIDsTEA’s best-selling teas, below are the different flavors for its Sparkling Cold Brew Tea line:

  • Organic Cream of Earl Grey: A smooth black tea with rich, silky vanilla notes and a bright pop of citrus-y bergamot, reminiscent of a cream soda. 40 calories per can.
  • Organic Queen of Tarts: An effervescent and lively blend featuring bright, juicy notes of tart hibiscus and ripe blackberries on a foundation of lush guayusa. 5 calories per can.
  • Magic Potion: A caffeine-free herbal tea bursting with the sweet flavor of dark, mixed berries, evoking nostalgic vibes of juicy blue raspberry candy. 40 calories per can.


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