Alto Canto Tequila Launches in New York City

Alto Canto Blanco Tequila
Alto Canto Blanco Tequila

Alto Canto, an artisanal, small-batch collection of tequilas developed by Founder Daday Suarez and Master Distiller Juan Reyes, is now available in New York City.

Alto Canto is distilled at the highest altitude of any tequila in Mexico using organic agaves cooked for 72 hours in traditional brick ovens, the company states. Wild malolactic fermentation occurs over 80 hours, with endemic yeasts creating a unique flavor profile. The fermented product is then distilled in copper stills.

The high altitude causes the alcohol to evaporate at a lower temperature, resulting in a smoother tequila. Alto Canto ages its tequilas in new American oak barrels inside a building made from local adobe bricks, which breathe the terroir and allow for a slow extraction of flavors and aromas, according to the company.

Alto Canto Expressions

Alto Canto has created three expressions:

  • Blanco 750ml / 40% Alc Vol. Blanco Tequila settles for 25 days in a white oak container, softening and stabilizing the spirit’s temperature. This transparent spirit offers notes of lime, pepper, vanilla and butter.
  • Reposado 750ml / 40% Alc Vol. Aged in new American oak barrels inside the adobe structure, Reposado is pale tan, with flavors of cooked agave and aromas of wood, dried fruits, nuts, caramel and vanilla.
  • High Proof 750ml / 48% Alc Vol. Bottled straight from the still, this clear, silverish spirit features notes and aromas of pepper, cooked agave, citrus and local minerals.


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