Snow Capped Cider Wins Midsize Cidermaker of the Year

snow capped cider
Image credit: Snow Capped Cider

Colorado apple growers and cider producer Snow Capped Cider won the 2024 GLINTCAP Midsize Cidermaker of the Year Award alongside the highest scoring total in the competition.

“Being recognized as the leading cidery among so many remarkable competitors is truly a privilege and a humbling experience,” said owner and head cidermaker Kari Williams in a news release. “I am deeply grateful to my dedicated team for their tireless efforts in cultivating, picking, and crafting our apples and cider this season. It fills us with pride to stand as representatives of Colorado and to demonstrate that the finest cider apples flourish on the Western Slope of the Rockies.”

The Judging Process

At GLINTCAP, Snow Capped Cider was judged amongst U.S. and international competitors, including cideries from Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada and more with a total of over 1,400 entries. Ciders were evaluated through anonymous judging sessions, with each submission receiving a randomly assigned number, the cidery states.

Judges were provided with only the crucial information required for effective evaluation, such as the cider’s style, carbonation, sweetness, ingredients and cider making methods used. The panel included a diverse group of experts from the cider industry including judges with BJCP accreditation, sensory analysis specialists and several select media members, according to the cidery.

A Huge Accomplishment for Snow Capped Cider

The Midsize Cidermaker of the Year Award spotlights cideries that generate between 25,001 and 500,000 gallons annually. The cidermakers who have won in this category are recognized for ciders that not only meet the standards of quality and volume, but also push the boundaries in cidermaking techniques and science. For Williams and Snow Capped Cider, securing the title of this year’s Midsize Commercial Cider Maker of the Year represents their most prestigious accolade thus far, the cidery states.

“I was completely blown away by the results this year,” said Williams in the release. “I have made it my life’s work to show that Colorado belongs on the top of any list as one of the best places in the world to produce cider fruit. I’m speechless and honored beyond words.”



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