Limited-Edition 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel

Frey Ranch 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel
Frey Ranch 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel

Fans of Frey Ranch Distillery are in for a treat, as the whiskey producer recently released a limited-edition Frey Ranch 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel. Bottled at cask strength and made with 100% soft white winter wheat, this new release is the first cask strength whiskey from the brand’s Single Grain Series, the distillery states.

Available online, Frey Ranch 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel has a suggested retail price of $114.00 for a 750-ml bottle. The new release comes as the brand celebrates its 10th year of distilling in Northern Nevada, according to the distillery.

“Our slow grown grains are at the core of who we are as an American Whiskey brand, so we’ll continue to experiment with different mashbills that showcase the high quality and unique flavor profiles of these single grain variations. Frey Ranch 100% Wheat Whiskey Single Barrel is the first cask strength release from our Single Grain Series, and we’re looking forward to sharing this with the whiskey community,” said Co-Founder and Whiskey Farmer Colby Frey in a news release.

Ranging from 58.4% ABV (116.8 proof) to 67.2% ABV (134.4 proof) dependent on the barrel, the barrels were aged between six years and two months to seven years and eight months, the distillery states. On the nose and tongue, the whiskey is a “sugar bomb” with aromas of butterscotch, butter cream frosting and custard. The finish that delivers vanilla extract, vanilla bean and espresso.


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