3 Badge Beverage Announces Return of Keith Casale as COO

3 Badge Beverage logo
3 Badge Beverage logo

Wine and spirits négociant, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, just announced that Keith Casale has rejoined the team with an expanded role as chief operating officer. In this role, he will direct all facets of operational management from finance, procurement, logistics and quality control, the company states. Casale began his tenure at 3 Badge in 2010 as chief financial officer and was instrumental in the development of the company’s current portfolios.

“We are thrilled to welcome Keith back in his new role as COO and believe he is the best fit for the position as we continue to expand and innovate the business,” said 3 Badge Beverage Corporation President August Sebastiani in a news release. “He has always been a valued team member and knows the organization well, so we are very confident that his experience, skill set, and vast industry knowledge will set him up for success as he leads us into the next chapter.”

Casale served as chief financial officer of 3 Badge from 2010 through 2021, the company states. As part of the initial team, he helped build the company from the ground up. In 2021, Casale left 3 Badge for a position as chief financial officer at Landers Curry Inc., a luxury home builder and interior design company based in Sonoma, where he gained valuable experience.

Following the brief hiatus, Casale now returns to 3 Badge as COO, where he is instrumental in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity and driving strategic initiatives that support the company’s growth and market presence.


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