Revanche Cognac Expands Distribution

Revanche Cognac has announced its distribution expansion into North American retail markets, as well as new business endeavors in e-commerce and product sizing.

Since October 2022, Revanche has expanded into five new U.S. markets, including Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas, and Washington, DC., with potential expansion continuing to across the U.S. in 2023. Revanche has also opened Vietnam as a major global market and has plans to expand into other Asian and European markets this year. 

In additional efforts to continue its global distribution expansion, Revanche Cognac moved into the Global Duty-Free Travel Retail Channel. Revanche is currently available in several national duty-free markets, including New Orleans, Louisiana, Austin, Texas, Melbourne, Florida, and the St. Thomas Airport in the United States Virgin Islands, as well as global reach in St Kitts & Navis, Saint Maarten, Detroit Crossing, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and London Supply. Expansion into Africa and the Middle East through this channel will take place in 2023.


“We are honored to have the opportunity to expand into additional markets and widen our reach with new industry channels and product developments,” said Gigi Olah, Managing Partner for Revanche Cognac. “As Cognac continues to push boundaries in the industry, we look forward to introducing Revanche to new markets, retail spaces and cognac enthusiasts in 2023.”

Revanche is also launching a new e-commerce platform with Bevstack.



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