RNDC Partners with LALO Spirits


Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) has announced its national partnership with LALO Spirits in 39 markets. LALO Tequila is co-founded by Eduardo “Lalo” González, grandson of Don Julio Gonzalez. Lalo continues as a third-generation tequilero, as he works alongside co-founder David R. Carballido and LALO’s CEO Jim McDermott.

“We are thrilled to unlock the power of a national partnership with the LALO family brand and its new-fashioned LALO blanco tequila,” said RNDC CEO Nick Mehall. “We worked closely to create a relationship around one of the fastest-growing tequila brands and are excited to represent them. LALO is a great addition to RNDC’s portfolio and I look forward to further evolving and expanding this partnership.”

“We are very excited for this alignment with the RNDC family,” says Jim McDermott, LALO Spirits CEO. “At LALO, we have a mission to bring consumers back to additive-free tequila blanco, the way our founders and their friends and family enjoy tequila in Jalisco. Having the ability to work across the RNDC network with a shared passion for this mission will enable consumers across the country to become a part of our story and enjoy the cleanest spirit on earth.”



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