Southern Glazer’s Launches New SG+ Customer Offering

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has announced its new SG+ enhanced service offering, meant to bolster the company’s fine wine, artisanal wine, craft and luxury spirits capabilities for customers and suppliers across Southern Glazer’s U.S. network.

The SG+ differentiated sales and service experience — paired with curated portfolios of artisanal wine, craft and luxury spirits — positions Southern Glazer’s as a clear leader in fine, artisanal and luxury beverage alcohol, the company says.

The enhanced customer service and delivery model supporting SG+ will roll out initially in Florida and Texas, with additional markets to follow in 2022.


SG+, designed specifically for and around Southern Glazer’s fine wine, craft and luxury spirits customers, focuses not only on delivering enhanced customer support, but also: national points of contact, dedicated artisanal route-to-market strategies, on-premise incubation of brands, best-in-class logistics, operations, and training and development.

In addition to rolling out the new customer-centric service offering, Southern Glazer’s has realigned its specialized fine wine, artisanal wine, craft and luxury spirits sales teams across three new nationwide selling divisions:

  • Signature Fine Wines & Spirits – Specialized in selling fine wines and spirits brands and led by Cindy Leonard, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Fine Wine
  • Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines – Specialized in selling artisanal wines and led by Laura DePasquale, Senior Vice President of Sales & Commercial Operations, Artisanal Wine Division, reporting to Cindy Leonard
  • Craft Collection Luxury Spirits – Specialized in selling premium craft and luxury spirits and led by Ray Lombard, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Craft Spirits

Consolidating Southern Glazer’s local market sales teams under these three flagship selling divisions is meant to better harness the company’s expertise and resources, to provide a more consistent and specialized experience for sophisticated customer accounts.


“The new SG+ service offering is the direct result of us listening to our customers and responding with a tailored solution to meet their needs,” says Mark Chaplin, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. “It also enables us to deliver greater value to the fine wine, craft and luxury spirits suppliers who entrust us with their brands. Beyond the most knowledgeable sales staff and our best-in-class trade marketing tools, our customers expect us to understand the fine wine and craft spirits community culture. I’m confident that this strategy will differentiate us from the competition and reinforce our position as the distributor of choice in the fine wine, artisanal wine, craft and luxury spirits space.”


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