Long Drink Expands Distribution with Southern Glazer’s

Long Drink, a brand in the Finnish alcohol category of long drinks — best described as citrus soda with liquor — has expanded its distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS) into Illinois. 

The expansion announcement comes on the heels of the brand’s debut across California, Arizona, Florida and South Carolina earlier this year. In expanding its partnership with SGWS, Long Drink is growing the brand’s national footprint in Illinois at over 300 accounts in just a few weeks, the company says.

“We continue to partner with SGWS because of their extensive expertise across markets, including Illinois,” says Evan Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of The Finnish Long Drink. “This partnership will allow us to grow long lasting relationships with their existing connections to ensure customers across Illinois will be able to find Long Drink in their favorite bars, restaurants and retailers.”


Long Drink comes in several varieties:

  • Traditional (5.5% ABV)
  • Zero (5% ABV) — Long Drink Zero has no carbs or sugar.
  • Cranberry (5.5% ABV) — Switch the classic citrus flavor for cranberry. 
  • Strong (8.5% ABV)


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