Fountain Beverage Co. Partners with Scout Distribution

Fountain Beverage Co. recently announced a new partnership with Scout Distribution to launch their hard seltzer in the West Coast, specifically in San Diego and Arizona. 

Fountain is a craft seltzer made with a gluten-free fermented alcohol base, all-natural flavors and New York City water. With 100 calories, natural ingredients and 5% ABV, Fountain comes in six flavors: Blueberry, Lime, Mango, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Tart Cherry.

“As a brand that launched early on in the pandemic, we have had to lean into the silver linings,” says Bruce Wilpon and Tomas Larsson, co-founders of Fountain Beverage Co. “We were able to take the time to forge really meaningful distribution partners that are now becoming real. We made it past dreams, planning, R&D, prototypes and early market exposure, to this: wholesale channel distribution across the nation. While Fountain was born in NYC, it is a brand that gets a warm welcome and positive feedback wherever it goes and we can’t wait to share it far and wide.”


Scout Distribution becomes a key partner as Fountain Beverage Co. launches in San Diego not only from a retail perspective but also as a new, locally brewed hard seltzer in partnership with Mission Brewery.

“Southern California is a market we are especially excited about — it’s a market that appreciates craft made, local products,” says says Larsson and Wilpon. “Being able to have head brewer Richie Saunders work closely with the stellar team at Mission Brewery to have Fountain made in San Diego means a lot to us, and we really could not ask for a better partner than Scout.”

Adds Anthony Levas, President & Co-Founder of Scout Distribution, “Since day one it has been a pleasure working with the incredible team at Fountain. They have combined beautiful, vibrant packaging with a truly unique and enjoyable product. Their fresh approach to craft seltzer makes them a perfect fit to the Scout Distribution book. We see a bright future for our friends at Fountain.”



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