Breakthru Unveils ASPECT Fine Wine Strategy

breakthru beverage Aspect Fine Wine strategy as Senior Director Daren Cliff
Overseeing Breakthru’s Aspect Fine Wine strategy as Senior Director is Daren Cliff.

Breakthru Beverage Group has announced the launch of Aspect, a “portfolio solution for the rapidly growing fine wine space,” the company says.

Aspect will employ a go-to-market approach with a focus on education, account segmentation, data and insights to service Breakthru’s supplier and customer partners.

“Wine has long been an area of expertise for Breakthru and with the launch of Aspect, we’re looking to expand to even greater influence in this space,” says Greg Baird, Breakthru Beverage Group President and CEO. “Fine wine has seen incredible energy over the past few years and by taking a more specialized approach with our portfolio, we’re able to offer deeper, more consultative services for our customers and brand partners.”

“We have always taken great pride in our agility and ability to leverage consumer demands to guide our investments, and Aspect is a result of that mindset,” Baird adds. “We have been successful in applying this focused approach with our Trident and Yama portfolios, and believe Aspect will meet and exceed the needs of customers as they serve today’s consumer.”

The name Aspect comes from the angle at which the vineyard is planted and the role it plays in producing quality wine. The platform is meant to provide customers with the same passion, in-depth training and product knowledge of a specialty distributor, while leveraging Breakthru’s commercial technology, logistics and operational capabilities.

To meet the brand-building expectations, the Aspect team will maintain advanced accreditations through regular training and education, and work closely with customers to engage and train staff, support events and drive engagement, the company says.


“Our data demonstrates that fine wine trends are accelerating due to consumer premiumization, at a growth trajectory that signals building interest in both retail and on-premise environments,” Baird says. “Our fine wine growth this past year outpaced even the elevated growth seen across the segment — and we intend to significantly grow our fine wine business.” 

Overseeing Breakthru’s Aspect Fine Wine strategy as Senior Director is Daren Cliff. Cliff, a certified Specialist of Wine and 20-year veteran of the fine wine space, joins Breakthru from Young’s Market Company, where he was Vice President, Portfolio Management at the Estates Group.

“Consumers today are more educated on wine varietals and profiles and are demanding more variety and quality,” Cliff says. “Aspect will provide our customers with concierge-level service that will assist them in building wine programs to satisfy this demand.”

“The excitement and energy surrounding Breakthru’s Aspect launch is unmatched,” he adds. “I am confident that Aspect will catapult Breakthru to the next level where we will be recognized as the preeminent fine wine distributor in the country.”


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