Montana Voters Will Decide on Marijuana Legalization on 2020 Ballot

Another state has its eyes set on legal cannabis in the near future.

New Approach Montana, a Helena-based marijuana reform campaign, has received confirmation from the Montana Secretary of State that its complementary marijuana legalization initiatives have qualified for the November ballot.

The two initiatives, CI-118 and I-190, work together to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Montana.


“This was a very challenging signature drive, and we are so thankful for the Montanans who carried the petitions and all the voters who signed them,” says campaign spokesperson Pepper Petersen. “Our research has always shown that a majority of Montanans support legalization, and now voters will have the opportunity to enact that policy, which will create jobs and generate new revenue for our state, by voting yes on both CI-118 and I-190.”

“It also means that law enforcement will stop wasting time and resources arresting adults for personal marijuana possession, and instead focus on real crime,” Petersen adds.

The campaign turned in over 130,000 raw signatures on June 19 following a signature drive that was launched in May with a series of public health protocols in place. New Approach Montana submitted over 52,000 signatures in support of I-190, a statutory initiative that would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Montana, and over 80,000 signatures in support of CI-118, a constitutional initiative that would allow I-190 to set the legal minimum age for purchasing, consuming, and possessing marijuana at 21. 


The Montana Governor’s Budget Office estimated that marijuana tax revenue would reach $48 million per year by 2025 under New Approach Montana’s plan. The initiatives are available for review at


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