RNDC Takes Steps to Address Racial Injustice and Inequality

As protests about racial injustice and inequality sweep across America, Republic National Distributing Company has announced measures to address these issues.

“Previously I voiced my sentiments on the racial discrimination that has plagued black and brown communities for decades, and committed to help foster sustainable long-term social change,” says RNDC President and CEO Tom Cole. “Today, as promised, I am sharing our most-immediate initiatives. By implementing these measures, we will make a positive difference for our company and with the communities in which we live and serve.” 

Investing in Social Justice


The RNDC Foundation donated $250,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), matching with the company’s supplier partner, Pernod-Ricard. In addition, RNDC made a $250,000 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) Earl Warren Scholarship Fund.

Anti-Racism Education

The company has launched the RNDC Inclusion & Diversity Anti-Racism Resources Microsite on RNDC’s intranet site to provide access of information for RNDC associates. 


Listening to Associates Voice

Over the next few months, RNDC will:

  • Launch a Black Leadership Advisory Council and develop locally based Black-focused Associate Resources Groups (ARGs)
  • Introduce the Spirit to Speak Series to provide a safe space for sharing personal experiences and learning from one another.  

Celebrating Black Pioneers of the Alcohol Industry

The company plans to showcase African Americans and their contributions to the liquor industry. RNDC’s Spirited Short Stories will also become part of our new hire onboarding.  

Local Commitment to Racial Equality

While current enterprise-wide social responsibility initiatives will continue, RNDC is making additional commitments at the state level by: 

  • Supporting Black communities through RNDC Foundation donations and volunteer efforts with non-profits that benefit the Black community in areas of social and racial equality
  • In 2021, launching a local Mentor Program for Black associates interested in a long-term career with the company
  • Making our Managing Unconscious Bias Education Workshop, in its fourth year at RNDC, available for all associates. 

“These immediate initiatives are the first step in our journey to eliminate racial injustice,” says Cole. “Each of us — all of us — have to be accountable to making a positive difference that results in a more inclusive culture and society.”


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