Drizly Announces Alcohol Delivery Partnership with Spec’s in TX

The digital alcohol delivery company Drizly continues to expand its relationship with alcohol retailers nationwide. Today the company announced a new partnership with Spec’s, one of Texas’ leading beverage alcohol retailers.

The deal immediately adds 55 more stores to the Drizly platform, enabling the fast-expanding company to serve an additional three million adults of legal drinking age throughout the Lone Star State.

The new relationship with Spec’s allows Drizly — which more than doubled the number of stores on its marketplace in 2019 — to offer 7,000-plus of their products to Drizly customers; bring online ordering and delivery of beer, wine and liquor in under 60 minutes to El Paso and Corpus Christi for the first time; and to expand delivery and product selection throughout Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.


“My grandparents founded Spec’s over 50 years ago on a promise to always do best for our shoppers, and Drizly makes it easy and convenient for shoppers today to enjoy all that Spec’s has to offer,” says Lisa Rydman, third-generation family at Spec’s. “As the leader in online alcohol e-commerce, Drizly was the natural fit to bring our vast inventory right to our customers’ fingertips and provide them with the convenience of delivery right to their homes and offices.”

Consumers of legal drinking age can visit Drizly.com or download the Drizly app (App Store and Google Play) to get beer, wine and spirits delivered in under an hour.

“Spec’s is synonymous with the best in alcohol retail in Texas and we are honored to partner with them to bring the convenience of alcohol delivery in under 60 minutes to even more consumers throughout the state,” says Blaine Grinna, Director of Retailer Development at Drizly. “This partnership further proves that the time for retailers to get into alcohol e-commerce is now. We’re thrilled to be working with Spec’s to expand their customer base and take our already strong presence in the state to the next level.”


This comes as Drizly recently announced news of a partnership with Shop Rite & Tobacco of Louisiana.


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