RNDC Michigan Continues Addressing Liquor Delivery Delays

Republic National Distributing Company Michigan today announced that it has made strides toward restoring timely and accurate deliveries to bars, restaurants and liquor retailers around the state.

This follows the recent news of widespread delays that had affected the state previously, resulting in an unprecedented pause in service.

“We have turned a corner and are well on the way to reaching our normal high level of service to our customers,” says Joe Gigliotti, Region President of Control States for RNDC. “We still have work to do, and we apologize to those retailers who may still be seeing occasional slippage in delivery or are receiving incomplete orders. But our internal data shows far fewer customers seeing problems than in mid-November.”


Earlier delays stemmed from RNDC’s move into a new, highly automated $80 million warehousing facility in Livonia. A series of computer, training, bad weather and other issues resulted in customers getting orders three or more days late, many incomplete orders, and accounting delays.

“We have added staff, fixed mechanical issues and made important software improvements to address the problems we faced earlier,” says Gigliotti. “Our decision to return some operations back to a facility we operated in Brownstown has been helpful. We also have improved customer communication and are providing updates regularly to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.”

“This has been an ‘all hands on deck’ issue for RNDC, and I’m pleased to say customer complaints are down, delivery schedules are generally back to normal, and we are pushing hard to address remaining problems,” he adds.


Among those issues are catching up on accounting issues, improving inventory at the Brownstown facility to reduce out-of-stock orders, and ongoing adjustments to automated systems in the new Livonia facility.

Gigliotti said customers who experience problems should reach out via email to RNDC. Questions about an order of any kind can be sent to miservice@rndc-usa.com; questions about delivery should go to miorders@rndc-usa.com.

Customers concerned about their delivery date can visit www.liquorstatus.com to see when orders should be arriving.

“We are confident that our investment in the new warehouse will prove a major benefit to Michigan retailers, liquor suppliers and the state of Michigan,” says Gigliotti. “We have made measurable progress in resolving problems. We will continue to improve service levels in coming weeks, and RNDC will not be satisfied until we have fully earned the trust of our partners in the Michigan liquor delivery system.”


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