SGWS Inks Deal with Rock N Roll Tequila Florida

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has reached an exclusive deal with Rock N Roll Tequila to distribute throughout Florida, where the brand’s footprint is growing.

Rock N Roll Tequila is produced in Jalisco, Mexico, by Master Distiller Jose Aceves, a third-generation tequila producer, who sources the brand’s 100% pure blue weber agave from his family’s mountaintop field in Los Altos, in the highlands of Jalisco.

There are three Rock N Roll Tequila varieties: Platinum, triple-distilled silver tequila; Cristalino, clear, aged Anejo tequila; and Mango, double-distilled silver tequila with mango flavors.

Rock N Roll Tequila is about to introduce its new liter bottle program to Florida, with a heavy focus on the on-premise market.

“We elected to put the liter size into play because demand for it was shown in addition to our classy patented guitar bottles,” says Rock N Roll Executive Vice President Chris Ferrone. “This was also done to showcase our incredible quality in the bottle that offers greater convenience to the bar and restaurant scene. In our liter offering we continue to see a great demand for our original guitar design as well, so we look forward to the future and meeting the needs and demands of our growing customer base. The excitement by SGWS Florida mirrors the response we have experienced in our other markets for both designs. Alongside our launch of the traditional liter bottle, we are also working on innovative new concepts to put Rock N Roll Tequila on the map and promote it as a brand truly on the rise.”




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