Spain’s D.O. Rueda Unveils New Logo and Back Labels

Representing a shift to reflect modernity, Spain’s D.O. Rueda has introduced a new corporate identity beginning with the 2018 vintage.

The transformation includes a redesigned logo, new website and new back and neck labels for every bottle produced in the white-wine region.

The Rueda back labels – the seals of authenticity and quality control that the Regulatory Board grants to wines with the Rueda Designation of Origin guarantee – have been simplified. The labeling system now has a stamp denoting the D.O. Rueda appellation, while the specific classifications and styles (“Verdejo”, “Sauvignon Blanc”, etc.), are now distinguished by label color only.

The new logo communicates the designation of each wine bottle in a way that’s clear and simple. Updates to the appellation’s visual identity aim to reinvigorate the Rueda brand.

The Rueda back labels have been simplified.

The third cornerstone of this change is the website,, which has been adapted to reflect the new visual identity and focuses on more engaging content.

The overall new visual identity is meant to symbolize Rueda’s “young soul,” and to connect with a younger consumer group.

D.O. Rueda was founded in 1980, the first D.O. in Castilla y Leon, and is ranked as the top white wine region in the Spanish market, according to Nielsen. Situated on a high plateau with a continental climate, Rueda has long cold winters, short springs and hot summers, ideal for the Verdejo grape, the dominant varietal in the region.


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