Koch El Mezcal Names Chopin Imports as Exclusive U.S. Distributor

Chopin Imports Limited has announced a partnership agreement with Koch El Mezcal.

“We are honored to partner with Koch, to help build their brand, promote the ancient ways of making mezcal and support the communities that exclusively help produce their amazing products,” says Chuck Kane, COO of Chopin Imports. “The synergies between Koch and Chopin are a perfect complement to each other.”

As part of the partnership, Chopin Imports Ltd. will manage the entire Koch portfolio of products that are divided into ranges corresponding to the categories of “mezcal artisanal” and “mezcal ancestral.” Initially, Koch will focus on six core magueys (agave plant species): Espadin, Arroqueno, Tepestate, Tobala, Barril, an Ensamble blend and a Karwinski blend. Other magueys that will be available include Coyote, Lumbre, Madrecuishe, Mexicano, Tobasiche, Jabali and Cuishe. Ancestral-style products will include Coyote, Castilla, Barril and Tobala.

“It is a very exciting time for Koch. We knew we needed the right partner to help promote the artistry of our spirits,” says Koch El Mezcal Founder Carlos Moreno. “Chopin Imports is known as a pioneer in promoting terroir, embracing the traditional ways of making spirits, focusing on the liquid and the people responsible for it. The entire community gave its blessing on this deal and we know success is in our future.”

Koch product offerings will be available across the U.S. starting April 1, 2019, for suggested retail prices ranging from $40 to $250.



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