RNDC and LibDib Join Forces

Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) and Liberation Distribution (LibDib), a tech company that offers a three-tier compliant distribution model for all producers, have announced plans to form a strategic partnership.

As a part of the agreement, LibDib clients will soon be able to tap into RNDC’s logistics to deliver craft products to buyers in all available markets. In return, RNDC will have access to LibDib’s technology and data collection, enabling the company to further expand their value and services.

“Technology is evolving this industry at an incredible pace, and innovation is the key to the future of wholesale alcohol sales and distribution,” says Tom Cole, CEO of RNDC. “As part of our commitment to providing consistent value and service to all our stakeholders, the combined force of RNDC and LibDib will offer new, fully three-tier compliant solutions at both ends of the distribution process.”

This partnership is meant to allow both companies to expand web-based three-tier distribution to additional states. Those specific markets will be identified and announced in the near future.

“I am so excited to announce that technology-based three-tier distribution is a reality in half the country,” says Cheryl Durzy, founder and CEO of LibDib. “We are honored to partner with a thought-leader like RNDC. Our shared resources and vision, combined with RNDC’s experience in expanding into new markets, makes for a powerful combination.”

RNDC and LibDib will share data and technologies to provide both customers and suppliers with market access, modern selling tools, and the most unique and diverse portfolio in the country.

“With this partnership, everyone can take advantage of our data expertise and insight,” says Richard Brashears, CTO of LibDib. “Whether it’s small brands, large brands, or customers, analytics is an essential ingredient in good business decisions. RNDC and LibDib’s combined efforts will take our platforms and services to new heights when it comes to data.”


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