Founders Brewing Announces 2019 Availability Calendar

Founders Brewing has publicized their 2019 availability calendar, confirming changes and additions to the brewery’s lineup, including the return of several fan-favorites.

Founders Imperial Stout will come back, as will Blushing Monk, a Belgian-style ale brewed with raspberries. Those beers kick off the calendar with releases in January, including Blushing Monk 4-pack bottles, Imperial Stout 4-pack bottles, and the return of the watermelon gose Green Zebra to the Limited Series.

After making a much-publicized return in 2018, Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) will also be back in 2019.

“We’ve featured a lot of beers in our lineup over the years and, as a result, have had to bench some favorites to make room for new styles,” says Co-Founder and President Dave Engbers. “The silver lining is that we then get the opportunity to reintroduce some of these beloved styles. Most often it’s because we listen to you, our fans, who lobby for us to bring something back. Well, your voices have been heard and we’re happy to share that Blushing Monk and Imperial Stout will return to the Limited Series in 4-pack bottles. Plus, CBS will return in 2019!”

Founders will expand their offerings of Solid Gold, a premium lager that launched in 2018. Solid Gold in 2019 will roll out in 19.2-oz. cans, 12-pack cans (replacing 15-pack cans), 24-pack cans in national distribution and Solid Gold 12-pack bottles.

“Solid Gold has more than doubled our first-year expectations and has driven us to meet an ever-growing demand,” says Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens. “We’ll be adding additional pack sizes to accommodate more occasions and will continue to push into the American domestic premium lager space with a brand consumers can connect with.”


The 2019 calendar also reflects the addition of 12-pack bottles of All Day IPA. Those will start shipping in late January/early February. Additional beers — including the remaining Barrel-Aged Series beers, the third Limited Series beer and all taproom Mothership Series beers — will be announced throughout the year, closer to their release dates. The full calendar is below:


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