M.S. Walker Launches Whitley Neill Gin into the U.S. Market

M.S. Walker, a New England-based national importer and distributor of wines and spirits, has launched Whitley Neill Gin in the U.S. market in partnership with Halewood Wine & Spirits.

The recent winner of the Chairman’s Trophy in the London Dry Gin category in the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge is currently rolling out nationwide.

Whitley Neill Gin is a traditional English gin, crafted by 8th-generation gin distiller Johnny Neill, using nine botanicals. These include orange peel, juniper, coriander, lemon peel, Orris bark and Angelica root. In addition to these traditional gin botanicals, Whitley Neill is crafted with two botanicals sourced from his wife’s homeland of South Africa – Baobab fruit from the Baobab Tree and Cape Gooseberries.

This combination of botanicals results in a gin that is slightly softer and smoother than most traditional-style gins, the company says, with notes of citrus, juniper, potpourri and exotic spices.

“As the popularity of gin gains steam in the United States, Whitley Neill is the perfect spirit for those looking to experience a gin with a refreshing new flavor profile that is not simply in-your-face juniper,” says Gary Shaw, executive VP of national sales at M.S. Walker. “Our market is still far behind the UK in terms of gin consumption and knowledge, but we strongly believe that innovative craft products like Whitley Neill will drive growth in this segment as Americans look to try something new.”

Whitley Neill Gin is best enjoyed with tonic water and an orange slice over ice in a balloon glass for a gin and tonic. The gin is also mixable in other cocktails, such as a Negroni or Aviation.


Whitley Neill is currently the the second-highest-selling premium gin in the UK, the company says, and is available for a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 750-ml bottle.


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