Stella Artois Launches Largest Marketing Effort to Date

Stella Artois has introduced “Joie de Bière,” a new campaign that urges consumers not to let life and all its modern distractions get in the way of savoring the moments that matter.

Launching in 19 markets around the world, “Joie de Bière” will be Stella Artois’ largest marketing effort ever.

At the center of this campaign, Stella Artois has created a new fictitious home for the brand known as Le Village – a modern village with old world European charm where nothing gets in the way of enjoying life, or a Stella Artois. Le Village is the manifestation of Stella Artois’ hometown of Leuven, Belgium, where the brand has had a 600-year heritage of living the “Joie de Bière” lifestyle, the company says.

“The name ‘Joie de Bière’ is of course a play on the well-known European sentiment of ‘joie de vivre’,” says Harry Lewis, vice president of Stella Artois. “Our goal for the campaign is to remind people not to let life get in the way of enjoying what really matters – and for us, that means taking time to sit back and savor a Stella Artois.”

“Le Village is a place where people can take a mental escape to imagine what life would be like if you set aside modern distractions, and we’re excited to bring this concept to life as we set out on our mission to bring more joie to the world,” he adds.

The Stella Artois “Joie de Bière” campaign will launch on Monday, April 16, with the debut of a television spot that reflects the brand’s largest TV buy to date. Titled “Les Pockets,” the ad illustrates how much more enjoyable life can be when you take a moment to remove life’s modern-day distractions and savor a Stella Artois. Set in Le Village, “Les Pockets” tells the tongue-in-cheek story of how the townspeople uncovered an invention that helps people stow their phones away and enjoy life distraction free: the pocket. Mother is the lead creative agency for the campaign.

Following the launch of the new TV advertisement, Stella Artois will “continue to spread joie to consumers around the country” with events and social activations inspired by Le Village. “Joie de Bière” will also come to life across the brand’s digital channels and through interactive advertising.


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