Michelob Ultra Introduces 7-oz. Bottles

Michelob Ultra, among the few macro light beer brands that’s growing in the U.S., has announced a new, smaller-format bottle: Michelob Ultra 7 Oz.

The new brew is 55 calories and 1.5 carbs. “We know that some consumers opt to refrain from drinking during the weeknights,” says Azania Andrews, VP of Michelob Ultra. “With Michelob Ultra 7 oz. bottles, our brand continues to lead the category by bringing consumers a great and lighter option they can enjoy during the weeknight occasion.”

Coming off last month’s launch of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, made with organic grains at only 85 calories and 2.5 carbs, Michelob Ultra 7 oz. is the brand’s latest innovation to provide consumers more choices to “balance enjoying beer with living an active lifestyle,” the company says

Michelob Ultra 7 oz. launches this month and will be available in select markets across the country, including Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and California.


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