Fourth Generation of Mondavi Family Takes Greater Role in Company


C. Mondavi & Family has announced that the next generation of the Mondavi family is now officially more involved in the family’s business — including the CK Mondavi and Family brand.

As part of the announcement, C. Mondavi & Family revealed that members of the fourth generation, or “G4” as they are called, are now shareholders in the company. They also serve as official brand ambassadors and two members have been appointed to the board of directors.

CK Mondavi and Family will feature the G4 in upcoming merchandising campaigns as well as in their marketing messages and social media messages throughout 2018.

Fourth-generation family members include Alycia Mondavi, Angelina Mondavi, Giovanna Mondavi, Lia Mondavi, Lucio Mondavi and Riana Mondavi.

“CK Mondavi and Family wines are a tradition that has been in our family for four generations,” says G4 family member Riana Mondavi. “Passion has kept our family business going and I can say for all of us in this next generation, we are extremely humbled to carry on a wine legacy that was started by our great grandparents so long ago. We are also wholeheartedly committed to continuing the Mondavi family tradition for generations to come.”

While third generation family members, Marc Mondavi and Peter Mondavi Jr., remain co-proprietors of the company, this next generation is now more involved in the direction of the business and they are being groomed for the future of the company.


The Mondavi family has been in succession planning for a number of years. At the same time the Mondavis created a family council, where third- and fourth-generation Mondavi family members meet on a regular basis to discuss planning and strategy for the company.

“With the passing of our father, Peter Mondavi, Sr., in 2016, my brother and I had the opportunity to re-visit the structure of our business,” says Marc Mondavi, co-proprietor of C. Mondavi & Family. “We are thrilled that our children overwhelmingly support continuing this legacy and have decided to be more involved in the business.”


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