D&S Beverages Expands Distribution

Restaurateurs Yagur Sheinman and Tal Sheinman of the New York hotspot ReSette restaurant have joined forces with Eugene Dozortsev and Arty Dozortsev of Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises Ltd to have their D&S Beverages expand their operations to open in Florida.

D&S Beverages is founded by Yagur Sheinman, Tal Sheinman, Eugene Dozortsev, and Arty Dozortsev.

D&S Beverages is a second generation, family-owned company focused on quality, authenticity, and personal touch. D&S Beverages has been a leading importer and distributor across the Northeast driving innovation in the marketplace with a nimble and insightful approach to business. D&S is proud to bring valued expertise to its operations across their fine wine and craft portfolios, which include stellar estates and distilleries in top regions across the world. They serve as a brand-building and product expert liaison between suppliers and those who sell or serve alcoholic beverages all around the Sunshine State.

D&S Beverages has earned the reputation as a go-to source for carefully selected wines and spirits around the globe that offer quality and value within their respective categories. For the last several years their products have been awarded numerous medals, high scores and recognition in various worldwide competitions. Since the recent expansion to Southern Florida, D&S Beverages has added various products from Mexico, California, France, Italy, and UK, such as Seravino Wines, Alacran Tequila XA, Fishers Gin, Coutanseaux Aine Cognac, and Root Out Root Beer Flavored Whisky.


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