Concha y Toro Names Marcelo Papa Technical Director

Concha y Toro has appointed winemaker Marcelo Papa to the newly created position of Technical Director. Papa’s responsibilities extend to full oversight of technical direction for Concha y Toro’s entire portfolio of wines, with Papa joining the company’s senior management team.

“Marcelo Papa’s appointment reaffirms our companywide emphasis on quality winemaking. Papa’s experience, track record of success and technical expertise will provide a creative new direction and source of inspiration for our talented winemaking teams. His vision and vitality, allied with our company’s continued investments in production and proprietary vineyards, are poised to take Concha y Toro and its wines to the next level in the years ahead.” – Eduardo Guilisasti, CEO, Viña Concha y Toro

Winemaker Marcelo Papa in Concha y Toro’s Casilliero del Diablo wine cellar in Pirque, Chile, near Santiago

Concha y Toro is imported into the U.S. by Excelsior Wines, North America’s largest importer of South American wines. Excelsior Wines president Marc Goodrich welcomed the appointment, noting that “Marcelo Papa, backed by Concha y Toro, is a true pioneer, pushing the frontiers of Chilean winemaking, identifying, planting and helping to establish new regions, notably Limarí. Chile’s wine industry has made enormous strides and continues to change at a breakneck pace, with the best still to come.”

For 20 years Marcelo Papa has crafted some of Chile’s best-known, most memorable wines, from Concha y Toro’s perennially best-selling Casillero del Diablo line, available in over 160 countries, to the groundbreaking, ultra-premium Marqués de Casa Concha single-vineyard varietals, creating a signature style for each that has captivated wine lovers worldwide. Papa also spearheaded the launch of Concha y Toro’s super-premium Maycas del Limarí estate, a project he has led since its inception in 2005. While 2018 will mark Papa’s 20th vintage with Marqués de Casa Concha, it will not, however, be his last, with Papa continuing his role as lead winemaker for the Marqués collection.




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