Phillips Adds New Mezcal to Portfolio

Phillips Distilling announced today the addition of Marca Negra Mezcal to its portfolio.

The brand joins the Phillip’s Distilling Co.’s growing family of spirits which includes Prairie Organic Vodkas, Prairie Organic Gin, UV Premium Vodkas, Casa Centinela Tequilas, Tomatin Scotch Whisky, La Hechicera Aged Rum, and Revel Stoke Whisky, among others.

Marca Negra currently offers six expressions — Espadín, Dobadan, Tobalá, Ensamble, San Martin, and Tepeztate – made in different locations and styles. Each of the expressions are produced and adjusted to the distiller’s taste profile, typically resulting in proofs that range from 95 to 105.

Marca Negra is currently launching across the country. Depending on the expression, a 750-ml. bottle of Mezcal Marca Negra will retail between $54.99-$199.99.

“For a while now, we have been hearing from mixologists across the country about their increased interest in mezcal, we have been searching for the perfect opportunity to join this leading-edge category” says Mike Duggan, CEO of Phillips Distilling Co, in a press release.



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