SKYY Vodka Launches New Campaign

SKYY Vodka, the American-made vodka steeped with the progressive spirit of California, launched its latest campaign, ‘Make. Every Day.’ A 360-degree marketing platform, ‘Make. Every Day.’ draws inspiration from the brand’s 25-year history of innovation and entrepreneurial attitude. Developed by New York-based Agency 5 O’Clock, the new campaign stays true to SKYY’s innovative origins, encouraging individuals to revolutionize the world around them every single day, just like the inventor of SKYY did in San Francisco back in 1992.

“‘Make. Every Day.’ is all about designing the world you want to live in,” said Melanie Batchelor, Vice President of Marketing, Campari America, “Twenty-five years ago in San Francisco, this ethos moved SKYY Vodka’s founder to invent a vodka he wanted to drink. It’s that visionary spirit that has driven SKYY ever since.”

SKYY was born in San Francisco, a city that has always stood for innovation and progress. SKYY was conceived by an engineer who reimagined the entire vodka category for a better experience. When Maurice Kanbar set out to find a better, purer vodka for the perfect martini, he invented SKYY – America’s first quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered premium vodka. From SKYY’s sleek, cobalt-blue bottle, which broke Old World packaging traditions for vodka, to its first cutting-edge, lifestyle marketing campaigns – SKYY has always challenged convention and taken a fresh perspective. The new campaign demands that a new generation must continue to invent a better world.

Shot by provocative photographer and visual storyteller Tony Kelly, ‘Make. Every Day.’ features stories behind today’s innovators as well as interviews with the brand’s founder Maurice Kanbar looking back at SKYY’s origins to inspire new fans of the progressive vodka. Selected for his iconic style-based artistry creating a world that’s undeniably brighter, bolder, and breath taking, Kelly brings a daring, fresh sensibility to print advertisements as well as in-store materials. His style pays homage to some of the most successful SKYY advertising from the last 25 years.

“The essence of ‘Make. Every Day.’ platform started with the idea of creating,” continued Batchelor. “Tony Kelly took a simple concept that is part of our DNA – innovation – and shot it full of color, life, and relevance for today’s world.”



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